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Karen. 23. College student from NJ studying a BS & MS in Occupational Therapy. Ask if you dare.

This blog will contain references to PTSD, trauma, Eating Disorders (in recovery from anorexia), DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), ASL, crocheting, baking, a smattering of fandoms, advocating for those with special needs and other miscellaneous subjects that strike my fancy or anyone else in our system!

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Life with DID

When many system members are triggered so that the bed is gradually filled with a plethora of stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, various self soothe items, and of course the laptop and headphones that there is barely room for the physical body.

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Every multiple is different. Every alter is unique. No two systems function the same.

And that is extraordinarily beautiful.


Just because your system doesn’t function like another doesn’t mean the other is ‘faking.’

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Thin_Liz aka Parfenova Lisa (Saint Petersburg, Russian Fed.) - Some Sketches and Drawings, 2010-2012        Drawings

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  • DID: Let's play a game called, "How Many Times Can You Switch in One Day"!
  • Me: How about no.
  • DID: Too bad!
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